Crush Meaning In Hindi क्रश की मानिग हिंदी में


love crush meaning in hindi, क्रश की मानिग हिंदी में, she is my crush, first, you are my, lady, national, candy crush, shabdkosh, irfani-islam

प्रिय दोस्तों , आपको crush शब्द अक्सर सुनने, देखने को हर बार मिलता होगा क्योकि ये बड़ा ही लोकप्रिय, ज्यादा बोलने वाला शब्द हैं  इंग्लिश वर्ड है। और बहार विदेशो में लोगप्रिय हैं 

मगर  क्या आपको crush का Hindi Meaning  अर्थ-मतलब पता है? अगर नहीं जानते हैं तो आज आप को इस पोस्ट में Crush Word Meaning के साथ साथ क्रश शब्द के बारे में बहुत कुछ जानने को मिलेंगे। 

हम आप को पहले तो  बता देते हैं की crush वर्ड दो तरह से उपयोग में लाए जाते हैं, एक verb के रूप में और दूसरा noun के रूप में। इन दोनों रूपों में crush शब्द का अलग अलग Hindi Meaning  होता है। 

प्यार-महोब्बत-इश्क़  और इश्कबाजी के जगह में इस शब्द का बहुत ही ज्यादा उपयोग किया जाता है और इसके बारे में भी विस्तार से हम बताने वाले हैं। 

सबसे पहले निचे दिए गये crush Hindi meanings पे एक नजर डालते हैं इसके बाद हम इसका डेफिनिशन देखेंगे जिससे हमे सारा माजरा समझ में आ जाये

Crush Meaning In Hindi 

चूर -चूर होना 

टुकड़े होना 

उच्चारण Crush Hindi 

Crush  -  क्रश 

Noun Of Crush Meaning In Hindi













Verb of Crush Meaning In Hindi

परास्त करना

दब कर टूट जाना

प्रेमासक्त होना

कुचल जाना

अधीन करना

बुरी तरह परास्त कर देना

चूर-चूर करना

गिरा देना

नाश करना








Crush Meaning in Hindi and 10 Common Dreams About Crushes and What They Really Mean.

Most, if not all of us, have indulged in daydreaming about a crush. Someone perhaps who barely knows our name or has hardly even looked our way. 

Of course, that can't stop us from fantasizing about a perfect date. One that ends with a sweet kiss. No wonder why it's so easy to let that crush of yours live in your head rent-free. However, at night, we have no control over our dreams. 

So, what happens when your crush occupies your headspace when you're not even awake? 

What exactly does it mean when you dream about a crush? Well, your subconscious mind is giving you a chance to play out all your fantasies. Sadly, it's not in real life, 

but at least in your dreams, your crush knows your name. Nevertheless, the scenario of the dream is your brain's way of sending you an important message, and according to dream experts, 

it could reveal key insights into your life. Without further ado, here are ten common dreams about crushes and what they really mean: 

Number 1 - Dreams About A Current Crush Not surprisingly, if you are thinking about someone all day long, it makes sense you'd dream about them at night too. 

Ultimately, it's your subconscious giving you what you want by feeding you all these awesome scenarios of you and the person you like. 

The more dreams you have of your crush, the more your subconscious is saying just go for it already! Yes, you heard that right. Dreaming about someone you like is often a way for your psyche to fulfill that real-life desire. 

So it might be a signal that you want to express your true feelings to them. 

Number 2 - Dreams About An Old Flame It took you months or even years to move on from that old crush. 

So, what's your brain trying to do by shoving an old flame into your head? Before you get all angry, try to step back and become more observant. 

Are experiences or things in your conscious life reminding you of a previous crush? Have there been any moments of Deja vu that have struck you lately? 

Whatever it is, it could be your brain's way of watching out for you, helping you avoid making the same mistakes again, so you can better preserve your current relationship. 

Number 3 - Dreams About Kissing A Crush What's a dream where you can experience a crazy burst of fireworks with sparks flying in every direction? 

It's the one where you lock lips with a crush. This dream could be an indication that you want to have an intimate connection with your crush. 

Maybe you already have a deep connection with this person, but haven't yet confessed your feelings. This might be the nudge you need to take action. 

Number 4 - Dreams About Getting Rejected By A Crush Rejection really sucks, and there's no way to soften that terrible feeling in your heart, even in a dream. 

However, it might make you feel just a bit better that it hasn't happened in real life. Not yet at least. Believe it or not, this might be your subconscious softening the blow for you by telling you that this might not actually work out. 

Instead of dwelling in a pool of tears, use this opportunity to prepare yourself for a rejection, or to figure out ways to improve how you handle communication with your crush. 

But don't lose all hope either! It could just be your own insecurities playing out and rising to the forefront. 

No matter what happens, though, hold your head high. A rejection doesn't define your self-worth! 

Number 5 - Dreams About Your Crush Liking You Back This is quite literally the best feeling ever. 

If you dream about your crush liking you back, consider it a message to act on this crush and give yourself a pat on the back. 

Your mind is literally screaming at you with bright neon signs that you have a shot, so feel free to indulge in the hope that a romantic relationship could play out. 

So, what are you waiting for? Take that as a sign and shoot your shot! 

Number 6 - Dreams About Crushing On A Stranger Ever saw a complete stranger and walked up to them and kissed them? I mean in a dream, of course. 

If you've been this bold while you've been asleep, this could be your subconscious telling you something about your personality. Crushing on an unknown male in a dream represents traditionally masculine qualities, such as competitiveness and assertiveness. 

While crushing on an unknown female typically represents traditionally feminine qualities, like patience and attentiveness. Self-discovery is key to learning what you can harness to charm the pants off your crush in real life. 

Number 7 - Dreams About A Celebrity Crush Sorry to nip this one in the bud, but dreaming about a celebrity crush does not mean that the stars are aligning for both of you. 

Rather, it might mean that the celebrity you like has a quality that you're attracted to, or perhaps it's something you identify with. Are you feeling a celebrity's sense of style or talent? 

It could simply mean that you possess those traits too, or that you'd like to incorporate those qualities into your own life. 

Number 8 - Dreams About Someone Crushing On You Wouldn't it feel nice to have someone fantasize about you the way that you're falling head over heels for someone else? 

Having a dream like this can indicate that you're highly self-confident. 

For instance, if this person in your dream gushes about how funny your jokes are or how gorgeous your hair is, that means that you indeed believe your jokes are peak humor or that you do possess a head of luscious locks. 

By any means, go strut that confidence and use those features to woo your crush! It could be your subconscious telling you that those traits are your best strengths to captivate the crush of your dreams. 

Number 9 - Dreams About A Crush Dying When you imagine a crush, you might picture their immense beauty, the way they twirl their hair, or how they make you laugh. 

So, what happens when you dream that your crush has died? Talk about a nightmare! However hard it is to come to terms with, 

a death in a dream usually signifies that something is about to come to an end, or that you'll experience a change in your everyday life. 

As soon as you wake up (possibly drenched in sweat), you should probably evaluate how your feelings are changing. 

Do you still feel the same way about your crush? Are your feelings changing in ways that you may not like? 

It's important not to ignore your dream, as it might be your subconscious indicating that your crush isn't the one for you. Though it might be painful to realize, 

it's a strong suggestion that you should move on. Fortunately, there are plenty of fish in the sea! 

Number 10 - Dreams About A Crush Being With Someone Else Ouch. It might already be hard enough that you aren't dating your crush, but it can be even harder to know that your crush is in a relationship with someone else. 

If you have a dream in which your crush is with someone else, this isn't exactly your brain's way of telling you that you're jealous. 

Rather, it might be pushing an insecurity of yours to the forefront that deep down, you feel like you aren't good enough for your crush, or that you're tired of being lonely. 

If you've ever had suspicions that your crush likes someone else, this could be a subtle insecurity that's playing out in a dream. Don't let this get the best of you! 

Focus on self-improvement and building your confidence to attract your crush with natural charisma. 

While most of your dreams are trivial enough to forget about, the ones that are filled with your crush are not only unforgettable but actually have meaning. 

By analyzing your dreams and evaluating where you are in life, you could become a master detective and figure out what your innate subconscious is trying to tell you. 




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Irfani - Info For All: Crush Meaning In Hindi क्रश की मानिग हिंदी में
Crush Meaning In Hindi क्रश की मानिग हिंदी में
love crush meaning in hindi, क्रश की मानिग हिंदी में, she is my crush, first, you are my, lady, national, candy crush, shabdkosh, irfani-islam
Irfani - Info For All
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